Client: Water and Sewerage Department of Tehran Province
Project Duration: 24 Months
Contract Amount: 245,880 Million IRR
Description: Construction of 15000 cubic meter reservoir of North Hesar_e_Amir located in Pakdasht including security building and landscaping, electro-mechanical equipment, piping, valves and fittings installation

  • Hesar_e_Amir Water Tank

    Current Project

  • Excavation

    40000 cubic meters

  • Reinforcement

    650 tons

  • Formworking

    13000 square meters

  • Concrete

    6200 cubic meters

  • Piping

    20700 inch dia weld

Drainage Channel Concreting

Drainage Pipe Placement

Gravelling Drainage Channel

Tank Floor Lean Concrete

Reinforcement Tank Foundation

Embedded Water Stop

Concreting Tank Foundation